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7th Street Entry Minneapolis tickets

7th Street Entry is a beautiful venue in Minneapolis. Our prices for 7th Street Entry events are the best for Queef Jerky ,Lip Critic and AJ Mitchell. We also provide 7th Street Entry seating chart parking, concerts schedule and map calendar in Minneapolis, MN.

  1. Wed Jun.19.202408:00 pm
    Queef Jerky
  2. Thu Jun.20.202407:00 pm
    Lip Critic
  3. Sat Jun.22.202407:30 pm
    AJ Mitchell
  4. Sun Jun.23.202408:00 pm
    Peter Bradley Adams
  5. Tue Jun.25.202407:30 pm
    Barely Trev
  6. Wed Jun.26.202408:00 pm
    Packs - Band
  7. Thu Jun.27.202408:00 pm
    Kaleta and Super Yamba Band
  8. Fri Jun.28.202408:00 pm
  9. Sun Jun.30.202407:30 pm
    Appolis & Maddman
  10. Wed Jul.03.202408:00 pm
    Dion Lunadon
  11. Fri Jul.05.202408:00 pm
    Space Monkey Mafia & BYOBrass
  12. Sat Jul.06.202408:30 pm
  13. Sun Jul.07.202408:00 pm
    Tray Wellington Band
  14. Mon Jul.08.202408:00 pm
  15. Tue Jul.09.202408:00 pm
    The Body & Dis Fig
  16. Wed Jul.10.202408:00 pm
    Igor and The Red Elvises
  17. Thu Jul.11.202407:30 pm
    Pit Stop
  18. Fri Jul.12.202408:00 pm
    Maria And The Coins
  19. Sat Jul.13.202408:00 pm
    The Grogans
  20. Sun Jul.14.202408:00 pm
    Prinze George
  21. Mon Jul.15.202408:00 pm
  22. Wed Jul.17.202408:00 pm
  23. Thu Jul.18.202408:00 pm
    Strand of Oaks
  24. Fri Jul.19.202408:00 pm
  25. Sat Jul.20.202409:00 pm
    The Stews
  26. Sun Jul.21.202408:00 pm
    Of The Orchard
  27. Tue Jul.23.202408:00 pm
    Newgrounds Death Rugby
  28. Wed Jul.24.202408:00 pm
  29. Thu Jul.25.202408:00 pm
    Guerilla Toss
  30. Fri Jul.26.202409:00 pm
    Thank You, I'm Sorry
  31. Mon Jul.29.202408:00 pm
    Greg Freeman
  32. Thu Aug.01.202408:00 pm
    Infinity Song
  33. Sat Aug.03.202408:00 pm
    Nelson Devereaux
  34. Sun Aug.04.202407:30 pm
    MC Chris
  35. Tue Aug.06.202408:00 pm
    Shallow Alcove
  36. Wed Aug.07.202408:00 pm
    Big Brave
  37. Sun Aug.11.202407:00 pm
    Stacked Like Pancakes
  38. Wed Aug.14.202408:00 pm
    The Palms
  39. Thu Aug.15.202408:00 pm
    Robert Jon and The Wreck
  40. Sun Aug.18.202408:00 pm
    Danny LoPriore
  41. Sat Aug.24.202408:30 pm
    American Scarecrows
  42. Wed Aug.28.202408:00 pm
    Joshua Quimby
  43. Thu Aug.29.202408:30 pm
    Stevie Stone
  44. Thu Sep.05.202408:00 pm
    Mars Red Sky
  45. Sat Sep.07.202409:00 pm
    Lowdown Brass Band
  46. Mon Sep.09.202408:00 pm
  47. Tue Sep.10.202408:00 pm
    Los Shadows
  48. Wed Sep.11.202408:00 pm
    Dead By April
  49. Fri Sep.13.202408:30 pm
    Melissa Carper
  50. Tue Sep.17.202408:00 pm
    Abby Holliday
  51. Wed Sep.18.202406:30 pm
    Gel, MSPAINT, Destiny Bond & The Mall
  52. Fri Sep.20.202409:00 pm
  53. Sat Sep.21.202408:00 pm
    AA Williams
  54. Sun Sep.22.202407:30 pm
    Amelia Moore
  55. Tue Sep.24.202407:30 pm
    Noah Floersch
  56. Fri Sep.27.202409:00 pm
    Previous Industries
  57. Tue Oct.01.202408:00 pm
    Divide and Dissolve
  58. Sat Oct.05.202407:30 pm
  59. Wed Oct.09.202408:00 pm
    The Dead Tongues
  60. Thu Oct.10.202407:30 pm
    Wasia Project
  61. Fri Oct.11.202409:00 pm
  62. Sun Oct.13.202408:00 pm
    Donovan Woods
  63. Mon Oct.14.202408:00 pm
    Edwin Raphael
  64. Tue Oct.15.202408:00 pm
  65. Wed Oct.16.202408:00 pm
    No Music On A Dead Planet: Reuben and The Dark
  66. Fri Oct.18.202408:30 pm
    Daniel Nunnelee
  67. Sat Oct.19.202407:30 pm
  68. Wed Oct.23.202408:00 pm
    Friday Pilots Club
  69. Sat Oct.26.202408:00 pm
    Delicate Steve
  70. Wed Nov.06.202408:00 pm
    Atta Boy
  71. Thu Nov.07.202408:00 pm
    Harrison Storm
  72. Sat Nov.16.202409:00 pm
    Geordie Kieffer
  73. Sun Nov.17.202408:00 pm
    Field Guide
  74. Sat Nov.23.202409:00 pm
    Jelani Aryeh
  75. Sat Nov.30.202407:30 pm
    Carol Ades
  76. Sun Dec.01.202408:00 pm
    Lo Moon
  77. Fri Dec.06.202407:30 pm
    Mason Ramsey

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