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7th Street Entry Minneapolis tickets

7th Street Entry is a beautiful venue in Minneapolis. Our prices for 7th Street Entry events are the best for Mehro ,Prize Horse and Provoker. We also provide 7th Street Entry seating chart parking, concerts schedule and map calendar in Minneapolis, MN.

  1. Wed Feb.21.202407:00 pm
  2. Thu Feb.22.202407:30 pm
    Prize Horse
  3. Fri Feb.23.202408:00 pm
  4. Sat Feb.24.202407:30 pm
    Militarie Gun
  5. Sun Feb.25.202406:00 pm
    Charmer & Saturdays At Your Place
  6. Mon Feb.26.202408:00 pm
    Me Like Bees
  7. Wed Feb.28.202408:00 pm
    Karina Rykman
  8. Thu Feb.29.202407:30 pm
    Flip Rushmore, The Briefly Gorgeous, 26 Bats! & Kiernan
  9. Fri Mar.01.202409:00 pm
    Katy Kirby
  10. Sat Mar.02.202409:00 pm
    Disconce - A Beyonce Disco
  11. Sun Mar.03.202407:00 pm
  12. Mon Mar.04.202408:00 pm
    Kelsy Karter and The Heroines
  13. Tue Mar.05.202408:00 pm
  14. Wed Mar.06.202408:00 pm
  15. Thu Mar.07.202408:00 pm
    Marielle Kraft
  16. Fri Mar.08.202408:00 pm
  17. Sat Mar.09.202409:00 pm
    Mary Timony
  18. Sun Mar.10.202407:30 pm
    The Snuts
  19. Mon Mar.11.202408:00 pm
  20. Wed Mar.13.202408:00 pm
    Dead By April
  21. Thu Mar.14.202408:00 pm
    Post Sex Nachos
  22. Fri Mar.15.202408:30 pm
    Mike Mains and The Branches
  23. Sat Mar.16.202409:00 pm
    Fish Narc
  24. Sun Mar.17.202408:00 pm
    Josiah and the Bonnevilles
  25. Tue Mar.19.202407:30 pm
    Thank You, I'm Sorry
  26. Wed Mar.20.202408:00 pm
    The Honest Heart Collective
  27. Thu Mar.21.202408:30 pm
  28. Fri Mar.22.202408:00 pm
    Louise Post
  29. Sat Mar.23.202409:00 pm
    Danielle Nicole
  30. Sun Mar.24.202408:00 pm
  31. Mon Mar.25.202407:30 pm
  32. Tue Mar.26.202407:30 pm
    Sun June and Wild Pink
  33. Wed Mar.27.202407:00 pm
    Lola Young
  34. Thu Mar.28.202408:00 pm
    Gilda House
  35. Fri Mar.29.202408:00 pm
    Sarah and the Sundays
  36. Sat Mar.30.202406:30 pm
    Games We Play
  37. Sun Mar.31.202408:30 pm
  38. Mon Apr.01.202408:00 pm
    The Ghost Club
  39. Tue Apr.02.202408:00 pm
    J.E. Sunde and Sam Weber
  40. Wed Apr.03.202408:00 pm
    The Thing
  41. Thu Apr.04.202408:00 pm
    Lilly Hiatt
  42. Fri Apr.05.202408:00 pm
    Small Crush
  43. Mon Apr.08.202407:00 pm
    Moon Walker
  44. Tue Apr.09.202407:00 pm
  45. Wed Apr.10.202408:00 pm
    Hannah Wicklund
  46. Fri Apr.12.202409:00 pm
    Hans Williams
  47. Sat Apr.13.202407:30 pm
    Matt Hansen
  48. Sun Apr.14.202408:00 pm
    Slow Hollows
  49. Tue Apr.16.202408:00 pm
    Diggin Dirt
  50. Wed Apr.17.202407:30 pm
  51. Thu Apr.18.202408:00 pm
    First to Eleven
  52. Fri Apr.19.202409:00 pm
  53. Sat Apr.20.202409:00 pm
    Ethan Bortnick
  54. Sun Apr.21.202408:00 pm
  55. Mon Apr.22.202408:00 pm
    Your Neighbors
  56. Tue Apr.23.202408:00 pm
    The Ries Brothers
  57. Wed Apr.24.202408:00 pm
    Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards
  58. Thu Apr.25.202408:00 pm
    Sheer Mag
  59. Fri Apr.26.202408:00 pm
    Dead Poet Society - Band
  60. Sat Apr.27.202408:00 pm
    Canaan Cox
  61. Sun Apr.28.202408:00 pm
  62. Mon Apr.29.202407:30 pm
    Aidan Bissett
  63. Wed May.01.202408:00 pm
    Mint Green
  64. Thu May.02.202408:00 pm
    Cheekface & Yungatita
  65. Fri May.03.202409:00 pm
    Sweet Pill
  66. Sat May.04.202409:00 pm
    Sam Evian
  67. Sun May.05.202408:00 pm
    Wild Party - Band
  68. Mon May.06.202407:30 pm
  69. Tue May.07.202408:00 pm
    John R. Miller
  70. Wed May.08.202408:00 pm
    Lola Kirke
  71. Thu May.09.202408:00 pm
    Jeffrey Martin
  72. Sat May.11.202407:00 pm
    Andrew Cushin
  73. Mon May.13.202408:00 pm
  74. Tue May.14.202408:00 pm
  75. Thu May.16.202408:00 pm
    Matthew Logan Vasquez
  76. Sat May.18.202408:00 pm
  77. Sun May.19.202407:30 pm
    Grocer, Time Room, Oyster World & Popstar
  78. Sat Jun.01.202408:30 pm
    Michael Marcagi
  79. Sun Jun.02.202408:00 pm
  80. Wed Jun.05.202408:00 pm
    Ghostly Kisses
  81. Tue Jun.11.202408:00 pm
    Zach Seabaugh
  82. Thu Jun.20.202407:00 pm
    Lip Critic

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